GUDU core mission is female empowerment through virtuous tailoring. The brand’s fundamental concept is to place a woman on the center stage — lending her a distinctive right to feel worthy of applause for simply being herself.

GUDU designs adorn the female body through dramatic, sensual silhouettes and masterpiece tailoring with total look showstopper aesthetics. Each piece is a sculptural embellishment, engineered with uncompromising quality. GUDU muse is a rebellious and eccentric character, irresistible in her allure.

GUDU belongs to a new generation of designers, who's vision is characterized through the daring collision of epic highs with avant-garde, subcultural lows.

Lasha Mdinaradze graduated from Jakob Nikoladze art college and state academy of arts in Tbilisi, followed by Accademia Italiana in Florence. His background in costume design is manifested through an innovative and bold artistic vision. Winner of benex fashion design contest.

The brand's headquarters and atelier are located in Kyiv.